WHO||: 145+ individuals working to pull ELECTRONIC SOUND out from basements & bedrooms to positively influence & inspire the COMMUNity!

WHAT||: $250.00 for a down payment to play 1 of 3 venues for a festival that’s been booked since September 2012.

Our first date’s venue/space (of three dates/venues) became compromised TOO close to the deadline and now must PAY to PLAY. It’s a beautiful auditorium with a 5′ high stage, sound system fit to fill the room at a church near Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (lots of people will be able to fit in there). The date is Friday, December 21, 2012. There are scheduled to be 12+ projects playing for approximately 40 minutes each, lots of merchandise for sale/for free, peace, love & happiness. cOMMuN cIRCUiT was established to bring mindful expansion to the community in favor for better choice making skills & inspiration for how to go about doing so through the use of AVANT-ELECTRONIC SOUND. ❤

Go to our event page & check out all the great minds involved with this event!:


Go to our closed group page to see what sorts of things we’ve been working on (you have to make electronic OR avant music/sound to join; GREAT REASON TO START)!:


See you in the streets!

WHEN||: Friday, December 21, 2012 (date of show featuring 12+ projects from lots of places)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 (deadline for payment).

WHERE||: CHURCH OF THE ADVOCATE –  1801 W. Diamond Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19121

WHY||: Gifts + JuJu + Admission (the break down):

$5or more =Admission to the event & posi_juju! (estimated delivery: N/A)

$10or more =Previous gifts + an AUTOGRAPHED compilation disc of all the artists from the show (includes artwork)! (estimated delivery: January 2013)

$20or more =ALL previous gifts + an autographed 3 disc compilation of ALL bands from ALL 3 event dates (includes artwork)! (estimated delivery: January 2013)

$50or more =ALL previous gifts + a screen printed (non-sweatshop material) shirt with anything you want on it (any size), made by members of cC! (estimated delivery: January 2013)

$100or more = ALL previous gifts + a collaborative ‘song’ about ANYTHING you want by several members of cC! (estimated delivery: February 2013)

$250or more =ALL previous gifts + a house performance (YOUR HOUSE) of some cC members as well as a filling & TASTY vegan meal prepared by the same members (we’ll clean up too)!!! (estimated delivery: March 2013)

HOW||:  Go to cOMMuN cIRCUiT’s PayPal donation link and your email address will be detected by ADMIN, along with the amount donated.

You will receive a confirmation email regarding the charitable funds:DONATE VIA PAYPAL.

DISCLAIMER: If upon failure to raise sufficient funds, everyone will be refunded + a FREE download of a compilation of our artists will be issued in good sentiment. PLEASE HELP SO THIS DOES NOT BECOME THE CASE. ❤

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